William Shatner on LARRY KING LIVE..

  • KING: You were raised an Orthodox Jew in Montreal, which is a very serious Jewish community.

    SHATNER: That's correct.

    KING: Did that help at all?

    SHATNER: No. No. Those people with a vivid faith, with a knowledge of the afterworld and they know exactly what's going to happen, I envy them. I wish it could be mine. You know, you're going to see -- I'm going to see Nerene (ph) . And Elizabeth is going to see Mike. That doesn't go for me. I'm see my animals die, I put my dogs down when they're ill and old. And they die in my arms. And they're dead. Why is any one life more or less important than any other?

    KING: Does the Jewish culture remain with you?

    SHATNER: Yes.

    KING: Without the religion.

    SHATNER: Well, what is the religion?

    KING: Huntsville, Alabama, hello.